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Annual Maintenance

Every property owner has experienced regular - small or bigger - clogged drains in their drain pipes, especially in areas with trees, older homes with building traps, emergency floor drains (catch basins) full of dirty water and the list goes on. The real problems start when the main line gets clogged and the plumbing fixtures become of no use, creating a bad smell that is a serious health hazard. Most of the times this will happen on a Sunday night or on a holiday when it is extremely hard to find a professional to help you with your problem. And when you do find one, the cost will be very high because of working outside of regular hours rates. We have a solution for you. Our annual maintenance package that includes annual cleaning of the main line, inspection of the floor drain and general house inspection for suggestions/recommendations regarding the plumbing conditions of your property. Call us for a free estimate of our maintenance package. We will be glad to help you and answer any of your questions.